Online Poker wouldn’t be the same without Freeroll tournaments which, as the name suggests, provide an opportunity to win money and other prizes without having to invest a single cent! Moreover, Freerolls are a perfect learning ground, both for new players looking to gain invaluable experience for free, and more seasoned poker fans who want to try out different strategies, or simply enjoy some poker on the house. The latter, of course, also play in Freerolls to add to their bankroll, and some serious money can be made.

Our poker partners offer a high number of Freeroll tournaments, many of which can be accessed as simply as a regular event.

Here you’ll find a detailed overview of the Freerolls available at all our partner rooms, saving you precious time in your quest so that you can go straight into boosting your bankroll without bothering with buy-ins…

YourPokerDream Exclusive Poker Freerolls

YourPokerDream gives all new players the opportunity to play exclusive Freerolls and make money without any investment!

After you’ve created a new poker account through our website at one of our partnered poker rooms you get automatic access not only to special promotions, but also to our exclusive Freerolls. N.B. You must navigate from our website to be eligible for Freerolls!

IMPORTANT: Old accounts get no access to our exclusive Freeroll tournaments! Only new accounts which are created through YourPokerDream and linked to our site are eligible. 

At the moment YourPokerDream offers you the following exclusive tournaments:

  • $241 PartyPoker 21:00 MEZ (every 2 weeks on Sunday) *$1 Buy-in*
  • 2.000$ GGPoker Welcome Freeroll (Create a new account with our code YPD at GGPoker and make the first deposit of minimum 50$ to get access)
  • 1.000$  YPD Tournaments at GGPoker *More information here*
  • 250$ YPD Tournaments at WPTGlobal every two weeks (Create a new account with our code YPD at WPTGlobal and make the first deposit of minimum 25$ to get access)
  • 12.400$ Las Vegas Freeroll at WPTGlobal in October 2023 (Create a new account with our code YPD at WPTGlobal and make the first deposit of minimum 25$ to get access)
Logo WPTGlobal
1.200$ Bonus/YPD VIP Deal
Logo GGPoker
600$ Bonus/YPD VIP Deal
Logo Partypoker
600$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

FAQ: Freeroll Tournaments

Quite simply, players who want to take advantage of our exclusive free offers must create a poker account at You can find a full overview of all our partner rooms on the partner’s overview page. It’s important to know that a poker room will offer you YourPokerDream deals ONLY if you access their site directly from the links on our website, and register your new account with our partners through our website. These deals are ONLY offered to players who have never previously had an account at their poker room of choice.

By making sure you follow these steps, you will not only have access to the usual promotions and offers that the poker room provides but ALSO secure access to all the exclusive extras like freeroll tournaments, rake races, and other promotions from YourPokerDream.

We have many poker partners, and we’re sure you’ll find poker rooms to join that will guarantee fun sessions, as well as the chance to take advantage of our exclusive offers.

YourPokerDream works very closely with each of our poker room partners. To date, more than 10,000 players have registered through our site at various poker rooms. It’s thanks to our trusted relationship with our partners that we’re able to offer these deals, for which we receive a modest commission for each sign-up.

By maintaining these relationships, we can continue running a business that offers you great poker advice, access to countless freeroll tournaments, free tournament tickets, rake races, and much more.

No! Only loads of extras to enjoy!

If you have created a new poker account using the correct bonus code or tracking link from YourPokerDream, you’ve managed the first step. To get access to our Freeroll Tournaments at WPTGlobal, for example, all you have to do is make at least one real money deposit of $25.

At GGPoker, it’s a bit different. To get access to our $2,000 Welcome Freeroll, it’s enough to make a first deposit of at least $50. But if you want to participate in our weekly $1,000 freeroll tournaments, you need to earn at least 15 YPD Points every month to participate in the tournaments. Don’t worry; it’s not a lot.

Please note: Old poker accounts that were not created through YourPokerDream and are not tagged to us are not allowed access to our exclusive Freeroll tournaments. YOU NEED TO CREATE A NEW POKER ACCOUNT WITH ONE OF OUR PARTNER ROOMS!

Not usually! In some cases, if you have not used your old account for a few months, we can try to talk to the poker room to negotiate closing your old account so that you can open a new one. If you want support with this, please don’t hesitate to contact the YourPokerDream Support Team.

As one of the biggest poker affiliate communities worldwide, we bring numerous players to our poker partners every month, giving us the ability to offer our players these extras.

Yes – online poker Freeroll tournaments don’t cost anything to enter. However, some poker rooms will require you to make a deposit if you want to play. For example, many poker sites offer New Depositor Freerolls.

The great thing about Freerolls is that you don’t even need to play with the money you have deposited. You can make a deposit, cash the money back out 30 minutes later, and still get access to new depositor Freeroll tournaments!

No. The prizes differ from poker room to poker room. Some tournaments award cash, and others award bonus money or tournament tickets, including seats to events with sizable buy-ins. Around 75% of Freeroll tournaments award their players with cash, with the rest providing other prizes.

We advise you to be patient and to play as seriously and sensibly as you would in any tournament. Too many players, because it’s free, play way too loosely, joining in too many hands. Consequently, there will be plenty of opportunities to exploit poor play. Make sure not to waste chips and choose your spots wisely.

Poker Freeroll Tournaments: General Information


Online Poker Freeroll tournaments offer free cash and other prizes without requiring a buy-in, and they are a key part of online poker rooms’ tournament offering. It’s possible to simply download the poker software, create an account and be ready to gain experience and increase your bankroll without committing a single cent. .

There are Freerolls in a number of game variants, including Omaha, for example, so it’s not limited to just Texas Hold’em. As well as the standard Freerolls that appear on the usual weekly schedules, you’ll also find special events that give players a no-cost chance to qualify for bigger tournaments.

Validating your Freeroll Poker Tournament account

Once you have opened a poker account, validation is required. The poker site will require you to submit a copy of your identity documentation as proof, as well as a current utility bill. Your account will then be validated, and you’ll be awarded a ticket to a Welcome Freeroll, the prize pool usually around €350 to €1,000. Freeroll tickets tend to be valid for a considerable period (e.g. 30 days), so you have plenty of time to use them.

Freeroll tournament types

There are a variety of Freeroll tournaments – even birthdays can be celebrated, with special Freerolls being available only to those with a birthday during a given week or month, for example. Make sure to check out for such specials when your birthday is coming up…

Most Freerolls tend to be open-to-all, such as scheduled daily or weekly tournaments, while for others there might be an incentive to make a deposit during the previous week. Meanwhile, a poker room might hold a Freeroll, or even a series of them, to coincide with a specific promotion. Whatever the reason, it’s worth taking the time to check out what’s available, as it would be foolhardy not to take advantage of the many opportunities there are available to gain both experience and money!

How to register for a Freeroll?

In order to participate in a Freeroll tournament you will need to register. Simply go to the Tournament Lobby and select the available Freeroll tournament, which will show the buy-in as ‘Free’. Click on the Register/Join button and confirm your registration, and you’ll notice when checking out your account that your balance is unchanged. That’s the beauty of Freerolls! If you change your mind and want to play another time, then you can unregister before the tournament begins.

Strategies to use when playing Freeroll Tournaments

Tight tends to be right in many tournaments but is particularly relevant in a Freeroll because the vast majority of players make the mistake of not taking them seriously. Their (faulty) logic is that it’s free to play, after all, so there’s nothing at stake. Of course, this approach fails to properly take into account that there is absolutely something very real at stake, namely the prizes pool. Whether this is cold hard cash or tournament tickets, or a combination of the two, there’s something to aim at. And, consequently, there’s no point taking part unless we’re going to do it properly – the entry might be free, but our time is worth something!

With this in mind, it will pay to be circumspect with our chips regardless of the obvious action that – especially during the early stages – we’ll witness hand after hand. Some players will be happy to liberally pepper the pot with chips with any two cards, and these are the targets we should be looking to take advantage of.

A solid, flexible strategy will be enough to keep you in contention as the Freeroll progresses, and there should be opportunities to see your stack increase considerably at the expense of those players who simply have totally the wrong approach. As the field gets whittled down, the remaining players will consist mainly of other players who have adopted superior strategies, and the dynamics will mirror those experienced in the latter stages of a standard tournament.

What to expect in Freeroll Tournaments?

Let’s be honest, Freeroll tournaments feature that magic word ‘free’ and therefore have tremendous appeal, and to all types of player. It follows, then, that many of these will be inexperienced and, in terms of poker knowledge, naive. If that describes you, then what better than a completely free training ground in which to learn more about the game while simultaneously having the chance to win money? Depositor Freerolls tend to be a little different in there being fewer players, and if it’s a Freeroll for anyone making a deposit (as opposed to new players) that week, for example, the field will be tougher.

Conclusion of Freerolls

Freerolls offer a great way to practice different strategies with no risk – your bankroll can only grow. Approach these tournaments as you would any other, and remember that there are real prizes at stake. Pick up chips along the way by punishing those players who don’t appreciate this, be patient, and navigate your way through the blind levels by treading carefully but not being afraid to strike when advantageous opportunities present themselves.

Have some Freeroll fun with YourPokerDream!